My name is Betty and I’m hooked on Disney. I can not actually pinpoint when in my life I started to love Disney but if I had to pick a time, I would probably say the day I went to watch The Lion King in movie theaters when I was young. From then on, I knew I was a fan of everything Disney. I grew up watching Disney movies and my parents would take me once a year. Although I always loved Disney, things got more serious when I had my girls. In 2009, my first baby, Alyssa, was born, and two years later my second baby,  Kayla, came into our lives. Shortly after my second baby was born, we decided to buy our Disney annual passes and it was all downhill from there. We go to Disney about once a month. I am not saying I am a Disney expert  by any means. I am sure there are people who go to Disney  more than me or know more about Disney than I do. I am just saying that because of my constant visits, I have learned a lot of useful information that help make Disney visits special for us. My husband loves Disney as much as I do and my girls are OBSESSED! People are constantly asking me “how can you not be tired of Disney? Why do you go so much?” As you read my blog, you will discover why I love it and why I am not tired of going. Every visit to Disney always brings a new experience for me. My girls do not tire of it either, they constantly ask to go and enjoy every second while we are there. Because of  my constant visits, people I know are constantly asking me about Disney and some of my friends suggested I start a blog. I am new to this blogging, but I figured I would give a try and see how it goes. This blog is not just about me writing about my experiences. It is about helping people make their Disney trips as special as mine are. So please feel free to email me or ask me anything you want to know. I will be happy to revolve my posts around what people need and want to know. Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you enjoy my blog.