Mobile food ordering-one of the best things Disney has ever come up with

When Pandora first opened up, I kept hearing about mobile food ordering  at their quick service restaurant Satu’li Canteen and was excited to try it out but was not sure it would make that much of a difference. We all know what quick service at the Disney Parks is like. Even though Disney World is the “happiest place on earth” quick service dining is usually not included in that happiness. You walk into a restaurant and stare at the menu for a bit trying to decide what you want then you stand in a long, slow line waiting to pay. You finally get to order after a bit, and then you have to stand in YET another long line ready to pick up your food. You finally pick up your food and are ready to eat your delicious meal only to discover there are no tables available. You walk around the crowded restaurant in search of a table. You are silently fighting with other people also searching for a table hoping you can beat them to a table when you see someone standing up. It’s annoying and stressful. Cue mobile food ordering: THANK YOU DISNEY!!!

I was driving into Animal Kingdom and I thought I would look into this mobile food ordering to see how it works. I looked up dining in Animal Kingdom and clicked on Satu’li Canteen. Then I clicked on “order food”. It gave me a list of the foods available. I was able to pick what all of us wanted for lunch and it even allowed me to customize certain things. When I was done picking my lunch, it asked me to pay for my food using my credit card that was on file. My food was ordered and paid for before I had even parked.

Once my food was paid for, a screen popped up that gave me the option to click on a button once I was near the restaurant so they can begin preparing my food. Once my food was ready, they notified me that I can go pick it up. I walked to the restaurant. I saw a long line that reached the outside the restaurant. Being that I had never done mobile ordering and thinking it was already very popular, I began to think I had to wait in that huge line because that line might have been the one to pick up your food. I decided to ask a cast member first before I stood in that line and they directed me to another spot inside the restaurant that bypassed that first huge line. At this point I saw a separate long line and again thought that maybe I had to wait that one. WRONG AGAIN! They pointed to a window and I walked straight to that window and lo and behold there was my food ready and waiting for me. I was in heaven. Grabbed my food with NO STRESS whatsoever.

There were plenty of seats because to make it even better, this restaurant asks guests to not sit until they have their food (some quick service restaurants ask guests to do this but not all of them). I spoke about this issue in a previous blog post “what not to do in Disney”. I feel very strongly about people waiting to sit until they get their food. It is very annoying when people save seats while their family waits in a half an hour line. Guests do not realize that by doing this they make finding a table that much harder for everyone. Read this post to see why this is a bad idea Disney World Etiquette: what not to do when visiting the happiest place on Earth.  


I ABSOLUTELY loved mobile food ordering and plan on using it wherever it is possible to use. Unfortunately this service is not available at every quick service restaurant at the parks YET. Disney has been rolling it out little by little. I truly can not wait until it is everywhere. It will really make eating time at the parks a lot less stressful.

Click here and scroll down to see what restaurants have mobile food ordering available already. They continue updating this link whenever a new restaurant becomes available so make sure to check this site before your next trip.


Thank you for reading and have a magical day!



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  1. Mary Subirana says:

    Wow, amazing. I can’t wait till our next trip and try this!

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