Epcot EGGstravaganza 2017

As much as we may enjoy going to Epcot center for all their special events, we have to accept the fact that most kids do not enjoy spending their whole day there. Yes they do have a few rides and character meets that kids generally enjoy, but they usually do not enjoy an all day trip to Epcot.  My husband and I love walking around the countries especially during their special events. We have attended food and wine a number of times and love Flower and Garden. On our last trip, we were very excited that the Flower and Garden had begun already but when we told the girls we were going Epcot, right away they began to complain. They did not want to go because they did not want to walk around with us bored while we tried different foods and drinks (their words). When we got to the first country we saw a sign that read “EGGstravanganza”. I had heard about this event but had not had a chance to try it out. We decided to try it out and were so glad we did. The girls absolutely loved it and they enjoyed walking around the countries. My husband and I were able to enjoy trying out foods and drinks without complaints from my little ones.

So what is this EGGstravaganza? It’s an event they do at the world showcase in which you have to “find” eggs that are spread around the different countries for a prize. I wanted to write this blog to help those that are participating in the EGGstravaganza but may be having a hard time finding the hidden eggs. I have included clues for each country followed by the actual location of each egg this year. Hope it helps.

How do you participate in this event?

  1. At the gift shops at the beginning of the world showcase, they sell the map and stickers you need to participate. It costs $6. They give you a map and stickers to place on the map once you find the eggs.
  2. Walk around the countries and search everywhere (high and low) for the hidden eggs.


What happens when you are done?

At the end of your adventure, take your map with all your stickers to one of the shops again. They let you choose from different character eggs. The cast member made it clear to us that even if you do not find all the eggs, they will still let you take the prize home as long as you show them the map.


I will give you clues now for each country. If you wish to see the actual location of each egg per country, scroll past the clues until you see “locations”. Hope this information helps you during your challenge.

Mexico: Stay out of the sun to find this egg.

Norway: A wandering reindeer can help you with this egg

China: Look near the water for this one

Outpost: Make sure you look up for this one

Germany: hope you like teddy bears

Italy: make sure you look up as high as possible

The American Adventure: don’t forget your souvenirs at this spot

Japan: look for some bonsai

Morocco: keep your head up if walking from Japan

France: don’t forget to buy something sweet before you leave this country

United Kingdom: the soldier will lead the way

Canada: no matter what the weather is like, you may still need an umbrella when looking for this egg.


**spoiler alert: stop scrolling if you wish to find these eggs yourselves. Below is a picture and specific detail of each egg.


Go inside the Mexican pavilion and look up at the balconies. You will find Donal Duck hanging out in one of the balconies.



Go into The Wandering Reindeer gift shop and look up and to the right. You will spot Daisy


Go to the gardens in the middle and look for Pluto near the water.


The Outpost:

You can find Chip up the refreshment coolpost sign.



You can find Dale inside the toy shop. He is near the Kidcot area on top of a shelf near some toy soldiers.



Walk towards the middle of the pavilion and turn around. You will find Goofy on the highest tower.



Mickey can be found inside the Heritage Manor gift shop. Right when you walk in look on top of the shelf towards the back of the shop.



As you are walking towards Japan, look for the display of bonsais. Figment can be found in between two of the bonsai.



If you are walking from Japan, you will see Perry on top of a building before you even walk into Morocco.



Minnie can be find inside the shop/dining location Les Halles Boulangerie. Once you walk in, look to your left and up. You will see her above the sign that says Baguette.


United Kingdom:

The White Rabbit can be find inside The Toy Soldier store. Walk towards the back and he is on top of a shelf.



Walk in to the Canada pavilion all the way towards the back where you will find the waterfall. Thumper is hanging out next to the waterfall.

Hope this helps! Have fun in your adventure.

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