Discover Disney for an affordable price 

As much as I love Disney, I can admit that it’s extremely expensive. A one day pass to Magic Kingdom can cost over $100 a day! Because I love going to Disney so much, the only way for me is to have an annual pass. However, not everyone is interested in owning an annual pass to Disney World. Some of these people would still love to go to Disney but find it hard to spend so much money on it. People always ask me if I am aware of any sales or special prices at Disney. My favorite thing to tell people about is the Discover Disney pass that comes out every year during this time. It is important to note this pass is only available to Florida Residents. But what is the Discover Disney pass? 

This pass is a special promotion they take out every year in January to allow Florida residents to go to Disney for an affordable price. Although pricing seems to increase a little every year, it is still the most affordable price Disney offers. The price of the pass is $139 for 3 days which ends up being about $47 a day! Definitely a money saver compared to the usual $100 a day. You are also given an option of adding a 4th day for just $20 more. 

You do not need to use all four days consecutively. You have from January 4th-June 9th, 2017 to use your days. 

There are certain restrictions you must know about this pass before you decide to purchase it.

1) you can not park hop on the same day with this pass. You could only choose one park per day.

2) with this pass you will not be able to go to Animal Kingdom from May 27th-June 9th. Although it has not been confirmed, those block out days can mean that is when the world of Avatar is opening which would make sense on why they are blocking out those days. 

Click here to get more information on this pass and to purchase it. 

Thank you for reading! 

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